Stylish designs

chrome decorations and lamps

Stylishly made the latest collections of lamps and decorations with glass balls will wonderfully fit into our interiors. For each lamp you can choose a lamp shade in white or black. The lamps are matched to each other candle holdersin two heights and colours, as well as elegant decorations.


Another collection includes high pedestals on candles in chrome and French gold colours and matching lamps in two sizes and colours of lampshades to choose from. The lampshades are made of the highest quality materials from the inside silver plated. The silver effect on the inside of the lampshade gives it a sophisticated look and exquisite design.

chrome pedestals
candle holders marble

The pedestals with a marble base in white are another sophisticated and stylish addition to our interior. Chrome plated - the glass base and the crystal ball fit in perfectly to form a perfect whole. Marble candlesticks are a perfect combination of the latest trends and elegance and a stylish complement to our interiors.

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