Our Inspirations Gallery

Wholesale florist CanpolBis would like to present you an extraordinary gallery of our decorated products. All our arrangements are inspirations and may be an idea to create your own unique composition. The articles shown on the pictures can be found in our florist wholesale store.

florist warehouse compositions, Christmas reeds
Glass vases with frosted cones and spruce twigs are also a great idea for a winter decoration, while chrome candle holdersvases with crystals in the lampshades after lighting the candlelight give a warm and pleasant atmosphere.
wholesale floristic decorations Christmas decorations in glass vases
Round glass Z15-1040 with Christmas decoration is so amazing that it has a raised base under which you can put a LED lamp on batteries. With the light on and the decoration illuminated, the composition looks just like a fairy tale.
wholesale floristic decoration under glass domes
Chrome bases with glass domes at the top with a hole finished also with a chrome element are beautifulcandle holders, but after putting appropriate decorations under the dome they will be beautiful reeds.
floristic candle holderswholesale silver decorative florist's warehouse
Silver and chrome, do they not reign in fashionable interiors nowadays? In our wholesale shop customers will find many models of candlesticks, standing laps and other accessories for currently fashionable decorations.
Wholesaler of floral decorations silver table decorations
Our offer is a year-round commodity, and depending on the season of the year adding small decorative details, we obtain the expected at the moment beautiful compositions matching almost every interior.
wholesale floristic decorations table decorations candlesticks on the table
Are you looking for dear customers of beautiful, not dozen decorations? That's what you'll find in our warehouse. Our offer is addressed to customers with a great sense of taste and beauty, as exemplified by the fact that we are entirely made of crystal candlesticks.
wholesale florist decorations from the canpol collection bis
You are looking for different ideas for decorating your interior, we invite you to visit our wholesale of decorative articles.the picture shows a very narrow range of our offer.if you complete the chrome and transparent glass elements properly, you will get e.g. beautiful candle holders.
Florist wholesale Lights and candlesticks
Lamps that we offer to our customers are patterns made from our projects. When creating a new style of the lamp we often follow the advice of our customers, as well as we try to make sure that the cuts fit into currently fashionable furniture and for example, a rectangular lamp with black lampshade perfectly fits into narrow chests of drawers.
floristic wholesale of silver candlesticks and glass vases for Christmas decorations
Transparent glass goblets decorated with silver brooches blend in beautifully with chrome candlesticks. We also offer glasses as lampshades for candlesticks, which through the variety of shapes create unique patterns.