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Product candle holdersgallery, pedestals, candelabras

Gallery of productscandle holders, pedestals, candelabras is a place for you to familiarize you with the offer of floristic Canpolwholesale Bis. Presented on photoscandle holders, pedestals, candelabras come from our current offer or archival offers. We can import these products especially for you.


floristic wholesale - candlestick CR145
Chrome hanger with a hanging crystal hanger with the symbol CR145 and a chrome-crystal lamp shade with the symbol CR11-S creates a non-repeatablecandle holder, which is also a decorative element.
floristic wholesaler CR206-GLASS candlesticks
Glass cups with the symbol CR206 GLASS are a replaceable element for candlesticks CR206, CR006. Tulip-shaped glass decorates the candelabra beautifully and is essential for burning tealights or cylindrical candles.
floristic wholesaler CR206 candlesticks
The four-armed candelabra with the CR206 symbol is candle holderdesigned for slightly larger rooms such as lounges, restaurants, wedding halls and hotel halls. Every room where we set up this type of room will candle holdergain a dignified look.
floristic wholesaler CR305 candlesticks
CR305 candlestick made of metal in chrome color with a double tear, hanging crystal and permanently mounted sound with crystals is ideal for interiors where we do not have much space for decoration.
florist warehouse candlestick CT004A
The chrome base with the cylindrical glass applied makes it very simple and interestingcandle holder. The candle flame protection provided by the glass cylinder makes it possible to use this type of candlesticks outside.
florist warehouse candlestick CT004B
The CT004 medium family candle holder consists of a chrome-coloured metal base and superimposed cylindrical glass. Apart from its basic function, the candlestick is used by florists as a base for small decorations.
florist warehouse candlestick CT004C
Due to its simple construction, the chrome base candle holder CT004C is a perfect choice candle holderfor indoor and outdoor terraces as well as for dry floral decorations.
florist warehouse candlestick CT008
The CT006 family of silver chrome metal candlesticks is ideal for decorating small tables. Their simple shape is adorned with a bowl with built-in crystals. Lighted tealights candles give an incredible glow.
floristic wholesaler CT90 - candlesticks
GCT90 series candlesticks are made of silver-coloured metal. At the bottom they have a mirror glued in permanently, which beautifully reflects the glow of the lit candle. A glass lamp-shade in the shape of a simple cylinder perfectly covers the flame of a burning candle even on the outside.