Product gallery floristic additives

Gallery of products floristic accessories place for you to bring you closer to the offer of wholesale floristic CanpolBis. The brooches and bracelets presented in the pictures come from our current offer or from archival offers. We can import these products especially for you.


wholesale floristic pendant acrylic A731GN
Wholesale florist recommends colorful acrylic pendants, such an example are green acrylic icicles with the symbol A731GN. Colourful pendants work very well as decorations for transparent lenses.
wholesale floristic pendant A7204GN
Green acrylic grape bunch A7204GN is a decoration for various types of floral compositions, made of very good quality acrylic. By using this pendant for composition we will significantly increase its aesthetic value.
Floristic wholesale of acrylic pendant A4505
Hanger A4505 in the form of a silver twisted rope ended on both sides with a decorative acrylic ball. These pendants are very widely used both for bouquets as well as to decorate the materials.
wholesale floristic pendant acrylic A7204AR
Acrylic hanger in amber colour and grape shape A7204AR in our floristic wholesale offer constitutes a small percentage of offered articles. Decorative made of acrylic. This decorative article works well both as a pendant and as a decoration element in the so-called still life.
wholesale floristic pendant acrylic A7204PE
Acrylic hanger A7204PE in purple and grape bunch shape is in itself a beautiful decorative detail, while used for floral compositions significantly increases their decorative value.
wholesale floristic pendant acrylic A7204PK
Pink acrylic pendant in the shape of a grape with the symbol A7204PK is a very interesting decorative addition used by florists to make their composition more attractive.
floristic wholesale - acrylic pendant A7729
Acrylic hanger A7729 is a spiral twisted acrylic garland. Due to its spiral form, it can be an individual decoration for floral glasses or an addition to interior decoration.
wholesale floristic pendant acrylic A7822
The A7822 star acrylic pendant is a very nice decorative element. The individual look of the pendants is made up of a central acrylic star and four small stars hanging at its ends.
wholesale floristic pendant acrylic A7894
Decorative acrylic star A7894 has a diameter of 10.5 cm and is made of very good quality transparent acrylic. The star is hung on a white ribbon to form a 22.8 cm long hanger.