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Gallery of Lamp and Lighting

Gallery of Lamps and lighting is a place for you to bring closer the offer of floristic Canpolwholesale Bis. The lamps shown in the pictures are lightingfrom our current offer or archival offers. We can import these products especially for you.


decoration wholesaler table lamp HD300-1GBK
Table lamp HD300-1GBK, whose metal elements of the base are in the shade of French gold combined with a beautiful crystal and conical lampshade enjoys great interest of our customers.
Wholesale of decoration table lamp HD300-1WE
Table lamp HD300-1WE , has a beautiful chrome-crystal base and a delicate white lamp shade. Due to its size, it is a typical lamp for smaller rooms.
decoration wholesaler table lamp HD300-2BK
Table lamp with the symbol HD300-2BK is a beautiful lamp with a chrome base with a large crystal and black lampshade. Its shape and execution is at the highest level, therefore, this lamp is very popular among our customers.
decoration wholesaler table lamp
Our decoration wholesaler in its offer has a wide range of lamps, such as EH501-TS lamps smaller with SH1S-bk lampshade, or larger with EH501-TL symbol with SH1L-bk lampshade. Crystal glass balls are the main decoration of these lamps.
Wholesale of decoration lamp lamp lamp lamp lamp 2002-1W
Wall lamp lamp with the symbol 2002-1W made of chromium-plated metal with glass lampshade and hanging crystal garlands finished with crystal balls. When the wall lamp is lit, the crystals give off beautiful reflections of light.
Wholesale of decoration lamp lamp lamp lamp lamp 2002-3W
Elements of interior decoration also lightinginclude, in our wholesale decoration you will find a range of table lamps as well as ceiling lamps and wall lamps. One example is a triple wall lamp with the symbol 2002-3W made of chromium-plated metal with glass lampshades inside which are mounted crystal elements.
decoration wholesaler lamp lamp lamp lamp lamp 2008-1W
Wholesale decoration invites you to familiarize yourself with a wide range of lighting lamps, for example, we recommend a single chrome wall lamp with glass lampshade and hanging opals with the symbol 2008-1W. The lamp is so interesting that you can buy and change the colors of the stones - it will burn each time creating a new look of the lamp.
Wholesale of decoration lamp lamp lamp lamp 8002-1W
The wall lamp with the symbol 8002-1W is made of chromium-plated metal. His lamp shadeis a milk glass shade. The lamp is both modest and very elegant and ornate. Suitable for almost any room.
decoration wholesaler table lamp
We offer our customers Lamp basetableware with the symbol EH201-TL larger and EH201-TS smaller to which you can buy separately in our wholesale lampshade decoration in various colors and shapes. On the photo we show assembled lamps with lampshades of SH1L-BK larger and SH1L-BK smaller.