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Decorations, Furniture, Clocks

Decorations, Furniture, Clocks in this gallery you can find photos of decorative products and small furniture. All the decorations presented by us are available for purchase in the wholesale of decorative arts. All presented products are hand-made with great attention to detail. Decorative articles from our collection are of the highest quality. The products are available in sizes and can be classified into thematic collections.

decoration wholesaler chess figure table decoration
Our wholesale of decorative articles also offers something for chess lovers. Decorative tailstock pendulum with the symbol 43970 is made of glossy metal. Its aesthetic values will satisfy the most demanding customers.
Wholesale Decoration Motorcycle Decoration Table Decoration
Table decoration in the form of a scooter made of glossy metal can be an ideal gift for motorsport fans.
decoration wholesaler chess figure table decoration
Decorative chess pawn of the king with the symbol 44139, made of glossy metal, is 60 cm high. This size of decoration will be well visible even in larger interiors.
Wholesale Decoration Boat Motor Boat Table Decoration
The decoration in the form of a motor boat with the symbol 44215 is ideal as a souvenir of a holiday. Made in a very aesthetic way with peace and quiet can be set in our house in the leading position and even on gray winter days will effectively remind of summer madness.
wholesaler of decoration globe decoration on the table
Decorative element metal glittering globe with an arrow on a rectangular base with the symbol 44320. This type of decoration fits perfectly into the interiors of offices or lecture halls.
decoration wholesaler chess figure table decoration
Dear customer, you are a chess lover. In our wholesale of decorative articles you will find beautiful, impressive and decorative chess figures. On the photo we present chess pawn - queen made of polished metal with the symbol 44449.
wholesaler of decoration book support table decoration
Having many different books, we can separate them thematically. For this we offer supports for books in the shape of a chess horse. The decorative element consists of the left and right parts of the vertical with the symbol 43941 made of glossy metal.
wholesaler of decoration propeller wall decoration
Wall decoration, small airplane propeller with the symbol 47722 made of aluminium in such a way that the surface of this propeller imitates the influence of weather conditions as in a real working airplane.
decoration wholesaler gift set magnifying glass and paper knife
A magnifying glass with a paper knife on a stand is a beautiful decorative element made of polished silver-coloured metal with the symbol 48680. This type of decoration is an ideal gift, which will probably be enjoyed for many years to come.