original projects

candle holders

Unique candle holderswith crystal and glass lampshade is a new proposal of our brand. All of candle holdersthem are made according to our original projects. When put together, they will be a beautiful decoration of our table or window. The glass lampshades of these candlesticks are transparent, which makes the lighted candle beautifully disperses the glow inside the room, giving it a charming atmosphere.

Gilded and chromium-plated lanterns of our company are another proposal for lovers of the highest quality products. A gold-plated frame and transparent glass lampshades are complemented by a black marble base, which gives it a timeless elegance. The lanterns are available in three sizes and each of them can be bought with a screwed-on bowl for floral compositions. Gilded lanterns are a beautiful decoration and decoration giving a cozy and elegant atmosphere to the interior of our house or garden.


candle holders
decorative trays

Trays from the Home Decor collection are made of the highest quality material chrome-plated on the gloss leaps. The bottom of the tray is complemented by a crystal mirror, which exposes the objects placed on it very beautifully. Our trays are a proposal for customers who appreciate timeless style and elegance. Chrome trays are suitable for home parties, wedding receptions as well as perfect decorations in themselves.

Products on our website are made according to our projects.
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