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They add charm to every room, fit perfectly into the interior design and refresh the interior design. Floristic articles from our offer include a collection of stylish jars and containers for planting very fashionable recently "forests in glass". We also offer various types of dishes for charming flower and ornamental arrangements - balls, vases, goblets, cylinders and squares.
Our florist wholesale also recommends decorative jewellery for candles and glass and all kinds of crystal brooches, decorative tapes, acrylics, pendants, candles, flowers and napkins. These ornamental, chic articles can be sold, for example, in the form of decorations for lavish parties such as weddings and elegant banquets.

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Floristic products offered by the floristic wholesaler come from a large number of suppliers from various countries. As a result, the offer of products for florists is rich and competitive. The products match each other in style and therefore it is very easy to make floral arrangements. Our products are recognized not only by florists and decorators. Glass vases beautifully compose with e.g. brooches for magnets, acrylic ice is a super filler for them. Ribbons are ideal for decorating candles that are fastened with beautiful brooches to create a unique decorative composition.