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We offer our customers, among others, stylish mirror trays, unique photo frames and extremely elegant ornaments made of aluminum and stainless steel. Our decorative articles will attract potential buyers with their modern, delicate design and functionality. Particularly noteworthy are illuminated mirrors in various shapes and tasteful wall articles such as chrome and brown glass wall sconces.

In addition, the small gift items available in the assortment will be an ideal complement to the assortment of every wholesaler, florist and company. The glittering table decorations in the shape of e.g. an hourglass, a chess piece or a compass are particularly impressive. We also recommend shiny book supports in various variants.

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Decorative articles can be used for everyday use as well as for interior design. Many decorative articles can have a dual use and a good example can be mirrored trays which, apart from their aesthetic qualities, are ideal for everyday use. Figures, photo frames are a great gift idea. Our decorative products are distinguished by precision and diligence of workmanship, elegance and simplicity. Wall accessories can be used both inside and outside our homes.